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We have been serving pet foods and accessories for the last 2 decades.
Yes, we are the oldest player in the pet food industry. Our expertise has helped pet lovers care for their loved ones with quality foods.
We sell quality pet foods and pet accessories. Get fabulous foods for your pets 

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We bought our puppy from this store. He's super active and a bundle of joy to be around. The owner was very patient in explaining meal schedules and do's & don't. A perfect place to get a pup!
Aarti Ramesh
They have the best prices around for what they sell. It's a huge store with top-notch brands that stand behind their products, including dry, canned and frozen foods and a great selection of treats. They offer great discounts as well.
I have been a regular customer at the Harshita Pet store for almost 2 years. Healthy puppies are available at affordable rates. One-stop destination for your dog’s requirements. Das is Very customer friendly & this is the biggest pet store in Bangalore I have known.
Ajith Bhave