How About Harshitha Pet Shop’s service?

Harshitha pet shop has a rich legacy in the pet food industry, serving pets for the last two decades. At harshitha pet shop, we sell all kinds of pet foods and accessories.

Harshitha pet shop has been prominent in serving people across Jayanagar, basavanagudi and Banashankari. Customers travel 20 to 30 kilometres to get pet foods and accessories for their lovable pets. We do sell puppies to our customers.

Our owner, madhoo das, has two decades of expertise in pet foods and puppies. Who always guides the customer about petting. Our owner, Madhoo das, was awarded by Nestle Purina USA for achievement in the pet food industry in Nestle Headquarters USA in 2019.

We are a very professional and courteous staff, always eager to help, with good product knowledge and the ability to explain things. The folk here genuinely loves pets, so the environment is quite calming. Love shopping from Harshitha Pet Store, the best pet shop for people in and around Banashankari, Basavangudi & Jayanagar.  

Visit our store to get quality pet foods and puppies at affordable prices.

We sell all types of puppies sale. 

Some of the breeds we sell are

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. Siberian husky
  3. beagle
  4. great dan
  5. german Shepard
  6. Shih TZU
  7. Golden Retriever Rottweiler
  8. Pomeranian
  9. Tibetan Mastiff
  10. English Cocker
  11. Spaniel
  12. pug
  13. Doberman
  14. Indian Spitz
  15. Dalmatian
  16. Chihuahua

Contact us now to get an awesome puppy to your home. We have sold more than 1000 puppies across Bangalore.

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