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well, if you’re searching for a puppy to buy,

I’m here to give you some recommendations from the guidance of our pet expert Mr Madhoo Dhas.

Nowadays, everybody wants a pet, ideally to make their day awesome.

Here’s the list of dogs we sell in Harshitha Pet Shop through A Class Kennels.



       German Shepherd

             Siberian Husky




      Golden Retriever

             Great Dane


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Harshitha Pet Shop is a trusted dog breeder in Bangalore, selling quality puppies with the suitable diet recommendation and pet food

How to choose the right dog for your lifestyle ???

Every puppy will only be suitable for some. So you have to be peculiar in choosing the breed for your home.

If you are a working professional, then a rottweiler would be imperfect for you. If you have a great family and they are ready to take their paws, then a Labrador would be an excellent fit for your family.

Ask yourself these questions when you’re buying a puppy.

1. Does your energy and lifestyle match with your puppy?

2. Can you groom your dog and maintain it to par?

3. What size dog would best match a family with children?

At Harshita pet shop, we have sold more than 1000 puppies across India. We take care of each puppy, giving them the right food at the right time, letting them be healthy and delivering the same to customers across India.

Remember that a puppy must be a joy to your family, not a hassle, and that’s why we care a lot about the pet’s health and provide the required guidance to the puppy buyers with us. 

We advise you to buy a healthy puppy or dog. Please don’t buy puppies at 1000. Some breeders sell dogs at 1000 rupees with no proper health.

So please buy the puppies and dogs at a good place, just like a harshitha pet shop that provides the right certificate and proper health condition.

Why wait  call now to get your loved puppy – Madhoo Dhas (98453 91191)

As you can see the above we have served more than 1000 customers across bangalore.

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